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SurveyMaker for Adobe Connect  is a wonderfully powerful tool that goes way beyond the standard Adobe Connect "polls"!

SurveyMaker has been designed to overcome the intrinsic problems with normal Adobe Connect polls.    

It uses less screen space, has 11 types of question, allows you easily analyse collected results, in real-time, it creates PDF reports, and, allows you to save and re-use your surveys in any Adobe Connect room.

- advanced question text and labels scaling, plus customisable colours (etc) make your Surveys look great !

- you can have several questions in a survey, all just using one pod, rather than having to have separate poll pods for each question which takes up more valuable screen space

- there are several 
"advanced" level question types such as likert scales, not simply  multiple choice / answer and text 

respondents (ie people answering your questions) get a visual indication that a question has been answered, without having to press submit repeated times

real time graphs and answer grids provide easy to view and understand real time measurements and information perfect for live presenter commentary.

instant end of session analysis graph's without Excel, the same real time graphs retain collected data between layout changes, simply view the survey pod again at the end, switch on "graphs" and / or answer grids, it's all there for you!

- If you need to go further / deeper with data analysis, you can export to  applications such as Excel by using our well formatted and easy to understand CSV data export function

SurveyMaker also makes your surveys re-usable simply save your survey as a template and use it again as many times as you like!  

You can open any Survey template, in any Connect room.  Unlike polls, Surveys live in the ActiveC cloud and can be used again in a different Connect room. 

You can save a survey as a template into the ActiveC cloud, and then open that template in any Connect room or domain.

In short, SurveyMaker for Adobe Connect takes collecting data from your participants from simple polling to full-blown surveying, and even exams.

Real-time graphs

Six questions in one very narrow pod