BP email blocking

Some emails from @activec.biz are getting quarantined in BP message lab. Please follow the steps below to release the Quarantine emails and add the email address to your whitelist.

You need log onto the quarantine console and releases mail


  1. Logon with your email address (caution: you need to logon with the email address that has received the SPAM message! In case you have more than one SMTP address, be sure to use the correct one!)
  2. Select the 'Forgot Password' link and enter your email address.
  3. A message will be sent to you with a new link and the ability to reset your password.
  4. Use the new password to logon to https://spammanager-3.messagelabs.com again.
  5. Once logged in you will see all quarantined emails that were received over the last 14 days
  6. Select the ones you want released and hit the 'Release' button

The released message will be sent to you.