Why Online Classrooms?

We think of Online Classrooms as the best of both worlds : a synchronous human experience combined with the high quality audio, visual and multimedia learning materials normally reserved for eLearning type courses.

Online classrooms seek to combine the best aspects of both approaches to produce live synchronous online events which truly benefit the learner, while being cost effective and successful for the business. 


eLearning: problem areas

  • No sharing of experience or knowledge with peers
  • Expensive to develop (typically $45K per hour of content)
  • Retention of information is difficult to measure
  • Lack of "human" element makes it less attractive

Face to Face learning: problem areas

  • Long lead times for available course dates
  • High costs; travel + time away from regular job
  • One size must fit all; content is fixed "Ivory Tower" effect; learning not always applicable to job