Event Services

ActiveC doesn't just exist in the virtual world - our team is experienced and capable in the real world as well. Many virtual events require a real world backbone - we can provide you with the technical expertise and equipment you need to do anything from broadcast your CEO's message via webcast or launch a new product online to eager customers to running a large scale team-building event across a number of physical sites. 

Whether you just need a technician on the day or a full suite of services right from the start of your event planning, our flexibility means we can meet your needs, whatever they may be. 

ActiveC host giving technical support to a user

Video Production Services


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Video Production Services

Whether it's to record a message from your department head, capture front-line visuals and experiences to share with others in your business or to deliver complete bespoke training videos - ActiveC Video Production Services are your one-stop-shop to start using engaging content every time.