Online or face to face event?  We do both...

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ActiveC doesn't just exist in the virtual world - our team is experienced and capable in the real world as well. Many virtual events require a real world backbone - we can provide you with the technical expertise and equipment you need to do anything from broadcast your CEO's message via webcast or launch a new product online to eager customers to running a large scale team-building event across a number of physical sites. 

Whether you just need a technician on the day or a full suite of services right from the start of your event planning, our flexibility means we can meet your needs, whatever they may be. 

Our Online Event Process

Creating a new online collaborative event from scratch can seem a daunting experience. With so much new technology available, it is tempting to get carried away with the possibilities and lose sight of your original objectives. 

As well as introducing new ideas and new concepts where they can add real value to your project, ActiveC also strives to ensure that the "medium" does not get in the way of the message.

As you would expect, we have a process in place for working with you to get the best result.  We find it's best summarised with a handy diagram....

ActiveC service delivery process diagram


What are your objectives? What do you need to say, and what responses do you need from your audience? Are there materials to provide before during or after the event?

Create, Design and Refine:

Whether we start with existing face to face materials or from scratch with a few high level ideas, we'll work closely with you to bring your ideas to life.  When you're happy, we'll review and sign-off ready to move into the next phase.

Walkthrough and Rehearsals:

How does your piece of work play out when presented to real people outside the initial design group? Are some tweaks needed? Now's the time to track them down. 

Dress Rehearsal:

One final chance to get it all absolutely perfect before you take your event out to your audience...

Delivery, Edit and Publish:

Congratulations! Everything has gone as planned... now's the time to collate your audience's feedback and answer any outstanding questions.

If your event was recorded, we'll help you edit and make it ready for future use, if that's what's needed.

Now, what can we do to make it even better next time...?