Use cases

There are so many different ways that you can use StickyNotePages. Here are a few examples:

StickyNotePages Custom Backgrounds

Custom backgrounds

In this video we show you how you can use StickyNotePages' custom backgrounds to go beyond the functionality provided by the templates.

You can make your meetings fit in with the workflows you're already using and even easily customise on the fly to cope with changing requirements.

Custom backgrounds are at the heart of what StickyNotePages does.

StickyNotePages in Breakouts

Breakout rooms

StickyNotePages adds unprecedented functionality to breakout rooms.

This video demonstrates how you can assign an instance if StickyNotePages to each room, use drag and drop to assign tasks to them individually and  recall everything back to the main room for review afterwards.

Once you've used StickyNotePages in breakout room you'll never use anything else again.

StickyNotePages in the cloud

Moving data using the NotePad Cloud

StickyNotePages adds a unique ability to Adobe Connect sessions - saving and loading NotePads from anywhere and to anywhere.

Here we use StickyNotePages standalone in a browser to prepare a meeting, conduct the meeting in a Connect 8 system and finally bring the meeting notes into a Connect 9 system - all using the NotePad cloud to move the data.

Using colour, icon and page to categorise ideas

Add ideas using notes on page 1. Then, as part of a wider conversation, move them to a different page depending on the consensus view. 

Course creators could also choose to pre-populate the app with examples of good and bad ideas, then have the learners make the decision as part of a breakout activity.

Team pages

Multiple teams can work on different aspects of their project simultaneously using up to three pages at the same time. 

All the information is available but each section is not crowding the other.

Notes can be moved between pages depending on the type of task or stage.

Pages can be used in many ways to organise and tidy your NotePads.

Kanban and other agile techniques

StickyNotePages can easily be used to support agile project management techniques.

Notes can be moved around marked backgrounds to track and manage a project

We have included a Kanban background template for you to use or you can create custom backgrounds to make the tool work in the same way that you do.

Why not try using a shared NotePad account to collaborate on live projects?