our work

Our work

So what exactly does online collaboration and communication look like?

Here are a few examples which we think showcase the variety of experiences that it's possible to create in the online working world, and how we helped our clients exceed their expectations.

.Live! Corporate TV

Event type: "Corporate TV" magazine style show, with regular appearances from high level leaders

Event style: Live interview with leadership, interactive content, live Q&A

Objective: Establish regular events to reach and inform a wide audience while also gaining key information from that audience to drive future episodes.

Group Learning event

Event type: Division-wide learning and team building/cohesion exercise

Event style: Co-ordinated series of "Town Hall" broadcasts, "How-To" sessions and interactive workshops

Objective: Reach the maximum possible number of people within the division. Create a shared sense of experience and learning while minimising the impact of geography.

Train the Trainer

Event type: Workshop for small globally located team with shared project requirements

Event style: Group workshops including collaborative working and active feedback throughout

Objective: Ensure all participants are familiar with and ready to deliver content for key deliverable and mandatory training courses in their locale.