So, why do we have a "learning page"? After all, ActiveC is not a normal training company.

Learning and development is no longer confined to its traditional home of a physical classroom or training centre. Paper based training manuals are a thing of the past; even Computer Based Training and standalone eLearning courses are now being viewed by some as old hat.

Our focus and mission is helping our clients communicate using the new generation of network based tools, and at the heart of communication is the transfer of knowledge and information, which is often presented and delivered as "training".

Right size, right people...

Often face-to-face training course materials are "padded" out to fill an 8 hour day and justify the time and expense of spending a whole day out of the office.

Re-purposing your course for online delivery often includes reducing the length of the training materials, trimming it down into purely what is really needed, or "right sized portions".

Gather the people who need to be gathered together to deliver the best cross-fertilisation of skills and knowledge.

Eliminate the difficulties of taking a whole team away for a training day; deliver to the whole team without leaving the office.

We help our clients utilise network based communication technologies to deliver learning content to people where and when it is needed.

Business benefits...

Reduce waiting or "lead time" - deliver the training sooner and start receiving the benefits!

Pay for re-purposing and modernisation of your training materials by eliminating travel and accommodation costs.

Motivate your people - receive the training you need without spending nights away from home.

Studies have proven that training a whole team at the same time produces higher levels of business benefits with longer lasting change.

Within our team we have experienced L&D professionals with decades of experience, and we help our clients with a whole range of training related services, often from very outset of an L&D project, including training needs analysis, business requirements and learning objectives definition.