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​Please be aware of the status of these application​s - they are nearing "end of life"

1 - These software products are now ​old and are approaching "end of life", therefore no further development is being undertaken on these products.

2 - ​These products where created using a version of Adobe Flash and Flex framework ​that was mandatory to work with​in the ​Adobe Connect​ platform; both of these are now approaching "end of life", and nether of them work on Android or iOS operating systems (ie smartphones or tablets)

3 - ​​The​ Flex framework is no longer developed by Adobe, and the current version of Flex (which is opensource and owned by Apache) is not compatible with Adobe Connect.

4 - We reserve the right to withdraw any or all of our software product​s​​ at short notice should they malfunction due to changes in areas such as Flash run-time, Adobe ​Connect add-in or other required environment or infrastructure platform changes, such as Google's withdrawal of native support for flash within Chrome; all of which are outside ​of our control.

5. No refunds will be provided if our products have to be withdrawn in such circumstances.

Please note that software licenses are NOT live until full payment is received.

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