- Town hall broadcasts

- Internal communications webinars

- Online collaboration meetings, expos and "workshops"

- Broadcasting your "event" to the web

Our clients value our real world, hands on experience of delivering live web-based events.

Typically our client projects start with creative ideas that promote online audience engagement in "webinars" or other real time online sessions such as "virtual workshops".

We use our experience to help guide our clients through the whole "webinar" experience, from "conception" flowing through content creation, online room design to presentation team coaching, rehearsals and live delivery.

Our event services team provide the people, equipment, and "know-how" to help you put your events "online"

We often run events which have multiple broadcast locations, particularly a mixture of U.K. / Continental Europe and the U.S.A..

Often these events are not normal "webinar's", and they require higher levels of production and skills.

This includes professional specifications of equipment, such as cameras, tripods, video mixers, sound desks, microphones, video streamers and capture devices, the list of things required can be quite long...

To make all these things deliver the right results, we combine the equipment and people together using our "service delivery process", which has been developed with practical experience gained from many events.

"A lot of people talk about interaction, or engagement.

In reality, it’s about "active communication" - between the audience, and, whoever the information is coming from."

James Booth, CEO

We also specialise in designing, creating and hosting commercial / sales webinars and Virtual Classrooms