Using a custom pod

After downloading a custom pod to your computer you then need to upload the app' to your Adobe Connect environment.

This self help page takes you through two ways in which this can be achieved....

Method 1 - Uploading to a Connect room

    • Open the Adbobe Connect room and navigate to the layout where you wish to use your custom pod.
    • Create a Share Pod, this will act as the container for the custom pod. Your screen will look something like ...

Method 2 - Uploading to the Content Library

Typically custom pods are likely to be used in multiple rooms and by different hosts. You will find it advantageous to upload the pod to a shared area of your content library so making it accessible.

    • Open the shared content folder where you wish to store the custom pod and select 'New Content'.
    • Use the 'Browse' button to select the custom pod to be uploaded and fill in the content information fields as required. When you press the 'Save' button a progress bar will appear until the upload is complete.
    • Using the drop down menu to the right of 'Share My Screen' and select 'Share Document'.
    • This will open a dialog that allows you to specify the document you want to upload to the share pod. Select 'Browse My Computer ...' and navigate to the custom pod location.
    • From here the pod is used as in the previous example. The only difference being when selecting the document to share, you select the pod from the Shared Content area rather than browsing your computer.
    • Select the pod and click 'Open', the custom pod will be uploaded into the share pod. When the progress bar disapears, your pod is ready to use!

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