Who we are

At ActiveC we practise what we preach. Our office is a virtual one; we use online collaboration tools ourselves every day to get the job done - finding innovative solutions to our own challenges gives us the edge when it comes to helping you get the results you need.

Elliot Revan

James Booth

Founder and CEO

James is a serial entrepreneur and ActiveC is his 5th business. He began his life in business setting up management systems for his father on a Vic-20 while still a teenager. James has been involved with learning technology throughout his career and is a strong proponent of the power of learning within business. He has spent a fruitful career developing e-learning tools and materials as a business owner, CTO and Consultant.

James is equally enthusiastic about motor racing, and had a successful career as a racing driver before technology took pride of place as his main focus.

Solution Developer

Elliot’s prime directive is to make things work. He spent his early childhood dismantling household objects to see what makes them tick.

This led him to a career in technology, where he is now an expert in putting things together. With a background in sound engineering, corporate events and IT systems across a number of sectors, Elliot is well placed to understand both the technological and real world challenges involved when developing our solutions.

In his spare time Elliot can be found underneath a plethora of computers and cables, producing music or sound engineering at festivals.

Krystian Jones

Producer & Event Manager

Krystian is a multiple award winning producer of film, TV and video. Running his own production company, he has produced more than 300 hours of live television as well as corporate communications and promotional videos for a wide variety of clients across sectors.

With customer service at the heart of all he does, Krystian's wide experience and strong technical skill brings a new dimension to ActiveC's communications expertise, with deep understanding of narrative, video technology and production workflows. As a keen cyclist Krystian has cycled across Europe, advancing his PADI SCUBA driving qualifications on the way, as well as being a Formula 1 aficionado.

Seasonal beards may apply.

Peter Hesford

Neil Hepworth

L&D Consultant

Neil has a wealth of experience in Training and Education in both public and private sectors, developing and delivering a wide range of technical training materials in his role as a Senior Lecturer.

Later in his career he created a global training function for a medium size software development company, managing that function for over 10 years. He is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic evangelist for virtual learning environments, and his wealth of practical experience with learning technologies is a real asset to Active C.

His four daughters occupy most of his non work time but when time does permit he enjoys a game of squash and is looking forward to winning a few games.

Content Developer & Producer

We are pleased to welcome Peter to the ActiveC family.

Peter brings huge experience in event production and AV technology to the ActiveC event portfolio.

A DJ in his spare time, Peter has amazing knowledge of music across genres and always knows how to get a room dancing!

Interested in joining the ActiveC team? See the jobs page for information on vacancies.