SurveyMaker for Adobe Connect

SurveyMaker ENTERPRISE EDITION is now available!

SurveyMaker for Adobe Connect is an essential tool that deepens, enhances and streamlines the process of collecting data from participants.

SurveyMaker has been designed to overcome the limitations of Adobe Connect's standard polls. It is more space efficient, adds 7 new question types, allows detailed live analysis of collected results, creates instant custom PDF reports and allows you to save and re-use your surveys in any Adobe Connect room.

See SurveyMaker for Adobe Connect in action

Sneak Peek of SurveyMaker ENTERPRISE EDITION

New features:

- Images in all question types and on the survey paused screens, using images stored in your Adobe Connect content library!

- Host controlled timer function

- More controls on who can do / see what information

- Single question mode, hosts and presenters can move though questions as if they were pages of a presentation.

- Clearer indication for hosts in edit the tool bar now pulses violet.

- Licensed for commercial re-use

- White-labelled (unbranded)

- Rank and Pick & Order live metrics via stacked bar chart for easier instant feedback

- Live feedback via "mouse hover" tool tip style live data feeds

Scaled for a perfect fit...

Questions scale dynamically to make best use of the space available on each participant's screen. Your surveys will always be easy to read, even at narrow pod widths.

Instant reporter...

Create complete client-ready PDF reports with all data present and chart colours that match your branding instantly from within the app.

Bold is beautiful...

Control the colour scheme of your questions to suit your needs. You can direct attention, manage emphasis or highlight required questions.

Reuse Ready...

Save your surveys to the cloud so they can be reused in any Connect Room on any server you need them.

Ask me anything...

With 11 question types that we know you want to use, including horizontal and vertical sliders, rank, free-text, multiple choice, number, Likert Scale and multiple answer.

Life in the cloud...

Save survey templates and data sets quickly, easily and reliably into your ActiveC cloud account for access anywhere and anyplace.

Take everything with you...

Export all the data directly from the app in a convenient CSV file ready to work with offline instantly.

Safe and reliable...

With built in safeguards to ensure data can not be manipulated or accidentally wiped, you can trust SurveyMaker to always tell the truth.

Live from the scene...

We've made live data analysis simple and beautiful. Get powerful live feedback from your live surveys and share them with participants at the click of a button.

Consistency across the board...

Customise the colour of your charts to make them easier to understand or match your branding.

Everything in one place...

Screen real estate is always at a premium, but with SurveyMaker you can group multiple questions together in just one pod.

Preparation is everything...

Create or review your surveys from anywhere with SurveyMaker running standalone in a browser then import everything into Connect using your ActiveC cloud account.

Visit the dedicated SurveyMaker minisite for more infomation

SurveyMaker Enterprise Edition